Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting here...

Chapter 1: Have to be at Dad’s house by 11:30am. Dave’s emergency trip to the doctor’s office adds a little extra excitement to our already jammed schedule. Turns out sitting through a cold, windy, rainy graduation ceremony is NOT the way to treat a cold. Luckily, Dave is okay…no ear infection, no strep.

Chapter 2: Jackie forgot her passport. Luckily we were only at the Princeton train station when she discovered it, so Dad was able to sprint home (in the pouring rain) and grab it.

Chapter 3: Accidentally, insulted fellow traveler on the monorail to our terminal talking about Dave’s experience with the staff at the doctors’ office. The group’s conclusion: doctors’ office staff are (for the most part) unhappy and mean. Fellow traveler’s wife is a doctor. Luckily though, he claimed her staff is a nice bunch.

Chapter 4: The plane’s right filange is broken and after two hours of waiting, we have to wait an hour and a half more for the crew to fix it. At first they give us the option to de-plane but we stay on-board, having snatched a comfortable empty row. Then, they announce that they’ve changed their minds and they want everyone off. Dad jumps into action and gets all six of us rebooked on a different flight – a direct flight, better yet!

Chapter 5: Our new plane doesn’t even have a filange! That’s right. After packing up all of our stuff and lugging them on to a new flight, we learn that our new plane has some sort of mechanical problem too. What is with these planes?! We sit on the tarmac for over an hour as they drill something down below and then r’off (family slang for “we’re off”).

Chapter 6: We recount all of our memorable moments so far and decide that this is truly is going to be a great vacation!

Chapter 7: Our luggage is lost.


Matt said...

Sounds absolutely awesome! Have a blast.. I'll be reading your blog every step of the way! ;)