Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Things to do on a Rainy Weekend

It's been rainy and gray here for so many days now that I've lost count. To make matters worse, thunderstorms are threatening to wash away the weekend too. The worst part about a rainy weekend is not knowing what to do with yourself, so I put together a list of 10 things to entertain yourself while you're cooped inside (and none of them require a television set):

1. Break out an old board game (or buy a new one).

2. Prepare a theme dinner complete with centerpiece, menu and costume.

3. Make homemade greeting cards.

4. Crack open a book you've meaning to read.

5. Take a well-deserved nap.

6. Call an old friend.

7. Learn some basic words in a foreign language.

8. Organize old photos.

9. Bake something tasty.

10. Create your own cocktail.

Wishing you a fun weekend despite the weather!


Lee Ryan said...

Good list!!

blair said...

YES! what a great list, and the basis of not including television is my favorite part!

erika said...

Thanks Blair and Lee. With all the rain we got earlier this summer, I figured this post would be helpful!

Steve Maul said...

I especially like the option of breaking out an old board game.

Love games, and it is great for time with the family and/or friends.

Victor B. said...

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